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Best Ride on Cars with Remote Control – Complete Buying Guide

Kids are enthralled by all sorts of rides and they never like to miss any of those they see in the indoor or outdoor amusement parks; and the excitement and attraction of riding a car that is fit for their size are matchless.  Just imagine how a little child might feel when he finds himself driving a car that looks and feels so real.  It boosts their confidence, sharpens their reflexes and stimulates their brain development.

The good thing is that now you can have so many awesome options for these best ride on cars with Remote controls that can sometimes become harder than you could think of. Here’s our list of 12 best ride-able remote control cars to help you make the right choice for your child:

12 Best Ride on Cars with Remote Control For Children

Following are a few best options in a sight of the kids mind that one may look into when thinking of buying the best ride on cars with remote Control for children:

1. Have The Adventurous Ride on Transser Ride-On Bulldozer:

Adventurous Ride on Transser Ride-On Bulldozer

Transser Ride-On Bulldozer for kids is an ideal choice for little boys. This best ride on cars with remote control is shaped like a mini crawler or a battle tank and looks nothing like any ordinary ride-able kids cars.


  • It has got dual modes and can be operated manually by your child or with a remote control in your hand.
  • Its remote has 3 speed control options and you can choose the one which suits your child.
  • It also has stunning LED Lights which make the vehicle look even more attractive when it’s moving.
  • Music is another nice feature that makes the ride more fun for kids.


  • Its unique battle tank design gives kids more pleasure in playing tank battles with each other.
  • It’s very simple to operate and has got just one start button and a simple speed accelerator pedal.
  • It’s designed so thoughtfully for the perfectly enjoyable experience for children that it starts smoothly and slowly. Means your child will never get shocked or startled at the instant start or sound of this ride. It starts at a slower pace and gives the child time to increase speed as much as he likes.


If you’re looking for a manual or remote control ride-able vehicle for your girl child, she might prefer some other option instead of this.


2. Enjoy a Luxurious Ride on XBSD 12V Electric Cars:

Luxurious Ride on XBSD 12V Electric Cars

If your child is always insisting on holding the steering of your stunning white car, XBSD 12V Electric Car is for you. This electric car for kids looks so spectacular in shiny white color and sports car style that no child can resist riding it.


  • This electric car is battery powered and so it’s easy to keep it available for your child at any time.
  • It comes with a parental remote control to give a fun ride to younger children who have not yet learnt to drive it on their own.
  • LED Lights make this shiny little car even more attractive for all.


  • It has spring suspension and makes the ride very safe, comfortable and truly luxurious for your little one.
  • It has 3 speed options and one for reversing the car as well, so your child will surely have an enjoyable driving experience on this little car of his own.
  • Your child can enjoy this ride for around an hour once it’s fully charged.


As its battery operated like other kids’ cars so it needs some care and caution.  Its battery can get overheated if your charge it for more than 10 hours.


3. Get Ready For a Thrilling 12V Ride on a Pink Car Truck:

Thrilling 12V Ride on a Pink Car Truck

Girls don’t just like the cute sports car models to ride and drive but they’re also interested in some thrilling adventures on jeeps and trucks as well. The pink 12V car truck is perfect for such adventurous little girls.


  • This lovely pink electric vehicle has got the fantastic real jeep look to give your girl child the most thrilling ride and drive experience she’s looking for.
  • This manual and remote control car has got 3 speed modes to choose from and also has the reverse drive option.
  • Big and stylish LED lights add to the beauty of this glamorous pink jeep.
  • Your child will definitely enjoy the unique AUX outlet to play your choice music on the go.


  • The car is designed with utmost care to ensure complete safety and comfort of your child. It comes with adjustable seat belts and spring suspension for a comfortable and safe ride.
  • This model of electric cars not only looks so striking but is also very sturdy, as its body and wheels are made of very durable plastic.
  • The design and material of this pink jeep is good enough for riding it comfortably on uneven surfaces.


  • It’s a bit expensive and costs around 200 dollars, but its unique features, style durability is worth it.
  • Boys might not like to have it due to its pink color.


4. Go For The Striking Costzon Ride on Black 12V Truck:

Striking Costzon Ride on Black 12V Truck

The Striking Costzon 12V black truck is ideal for adventure-loving boys. Its tough built and design gives awesome control over rough land or grass and your little adventurer can drive it very safely and comfortably on his own.


  • This battery-powered electric ride on car comes with a 2.4 GHZ Bluetooth remote control, so you can easily control your little one’s ride from a comfortable distance.
  • It looks striking in black color and boys like it a lot due to its real-like appearance.
  • Big LED lights are there to illuminate this striking black jeep even more.


  • Safety belts are an essential feature for such a ride and you’ll get the best adjustable ones in this model.
  • Spring suspensions in its wheels make it an ideal vehicle for driving on rough surfaces without any fear at all.
  • You can play your favorite music on its MP3 Player to enjoy your ride or drive at its best.


  • It seems to be a bit costly with the price of more than 200 dollars, but once you have a look at the features you can easily get convinced to pay that.
  • It’s an excellent choice for your boys, but you might need to consider some other design for your girls.


5. Get Your Stylish White 12V Licensed Bentley For a Luxurious Ride:

Stylish White 12V Licensed Bentley For a Luxurious Ride

If you’re looking to give your little prince or princes the actual feel of a luxurious ride or drive, the stylish white 12V licensed Bentley is there for you. This sports car style electric car looks and feels so luxurious and fascinating that any child would love to have it.


  • Its big and bright LED lights enhance its style and charm even more.
  • You can select from its fast or slow speed options according to your child’s comfort.


  • You can switch it’s mode from manual to remote control whenever you like and your little one can enjoy the ride holding its steering without any stress of controlling the drive.
  • If your child loves to hear his favorite rhymes during the ride or drive, its AUX outlet feature allows you to connect any small portable device for enjoying the music on the go.


If your child wants to go around on any uneven ground in the electric car, this design might not be a suitable choice for that. In that case you should go for some jeep or truck style with big and sturdy wheels.


6. Enjoy a Fun Ride on Elegant Maserati Gran Cabrio 12V:

Elegant Maserati Gran Cabrio 12V

A shiny red sports model car can be anyone’s dream car to ride or drive. So either you’re looking for an electric car for your little boy or a girl, the elegant Maserati Gran Cabrio 12V can be the right choice for you.


  • The shiny red car is designed to provide the little drivers or riders full luxury and comfort they want to have in their fun ride. The perfect spring suspension in its wheels is good enough to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • It has got two switchable modes and can work either as an RC or manual car whatever you prefer at any time.


  • It’s a dream car for the young drivers who like to enjoy the speed a bit. Its powerful motors are capable of spinning the rear wheels at a speed of around 3.1 mph.
  • You can play and enjoy the music of your child’s choice either by connecting a USB to it or via Bluetooth. Moreover, it has a unique FM radio feature for making the ride or drive more fun for your child.


Its price is around $200, so you might find it a bit expensive as compared to a few other available options.


7. Go On An Adventurous Ride on 12V Black Car Truck:

Adventurous Ride on 12V Black Car Truck

It’s yet another great choice for an adventurous ride or drive and looks so stunning in Black. You can also find the same model in gleaming blue, red, green and even in white. Every color is so much attention-grabbing that it can sometimes get hard to decide one out of these options.


Its dual functioning mode lets you switch it to manual or RC whatever you like. So you can give your kids a fun ride with the remote control in your hand or let them enjoy the drive on their own when you feel they’re ready for that.


  • Keeping in mind the jeep or truck style look and functioning, this electric car is smartly designed for strength and durability. Your little explorers can visit unusual places in this car with perfect comfort, safety and ease.
  • It has an in-built AUX outlet to let your child enjoy the ride or drive in the best mood.


It’s not a luxurious sports style car, so every child might not get attracted by its look. If your child wants something like a sports car, you can find many such options too.


8. Go on an Expedition in New Camouflage Color Electric Car:

Expedition in New Camouflage Color Electric Car

This new camouflage color electric ride on car is something totally unique.  Although you can find the same model in a few other colors, but the attraction and style of this camouflage design is unmatchable.


  • This camouflage car has got the perfect spring suspension for an adventurous ride or drive.
  • Its rainbow-colored top lights are also another unique and attractive feature of this colorful electric car.
  • You can find the same camouflage pattern in blue and in pink, so it’s suitable for both boys and girls. Moreover, both of these color combinations are designed so well that they look equally striking and fascinating.
  • It comes with 3 speed options and the reverse option as well.


  • Due to its funky camouflage pattern, it’s best for the kids who like to play army or soldier games.
  • It has got the AUX connectivity option so you can easily attach your phone to it for playing your child’s favorite rhymes or stories on the go.


It comes at the price of around 200 dollars so might not be the perfect choice for all.


9. Get The Luxury and Style at is Best in Fitnessclub 12V Electric Cars:

Luxury and Style at is Best in Fitnessclub 12V Electric Cars

The Fitnessclub 12V electric cars are the perfect combination of luxury and style for kids. You can find this little electric vehicle in red, black and pink but it looks most spectacular and dazzling in its shiny white color.


  • It’s a jeep style electric car and has got the ideal spring suspension for the utmost comfort and safety on the go.
  • It has got bright and big top lights and headlights which make the vehicle look even more stylish and alluring.


  • Multiple speed control options of this Fitnessclub electric car are remarkable. You get 2 forward and 2 reverse speed control options on the manual mode and even better 3 speed control options on the remote control mode.
  • Its Bluetooth remote control works amazingly well with its 2.4 GHZ range.


  • It’s good for boys and girls of age 3+ but not for the little toddlers of 1 or 2.
  • It’s a bit expensive and costs around 200 dollars.


10. Get your Dream Come True with Black Official Licensed Mercedes Benz Car Ride:

Black Official Licensed Mercedes Benz Car Ride

You might have seen many stylish and luxurious models of kids’ electric cars, but believe me, the black Official Licensed Mercedes Benz car is something outclass. Your little prince or princess would definitely love to own a Mercedes in black.


  • It’s perfect for children age 2 to 4 and works on both manual and remote control modes.
  • Design and feel of its steering, seats and even the headlights go well with its Mercedes style.


  • You can control this vehicle with its 2.4G radio remote control with ease.
  • No need to worry about your child’s safety, as this little Mercedes electric car is no less than any real one in its comfort and safety features. Its outclass suspension system ensures the impeccable safety and comfort of your child.


  • This little electric car costs around 200 Dollars, which is not too much when it comes to the Mercedes style.
  • It comes in only black color and you don’t have any other color options to choose form.


11. Get Your 12V Mercedes-Benz Car For a Royal Ride or Drive:

12V Mercedes-Benz Car For a Royal Ride or Drive

  • This majestic electrical car for kids looks extremely stunning in its sparkling white color. This 12V motorized vehicle has got the perfect shape, style, and comfort of a real Mercedes in a little package.


  • Your little one is surely going to have the most luxurious ride or drive experience in this Mercedes-Benz white car with its superb suspension springs in the front and rear wheels.
  • It’s double lockable door feature is really good for keeping your little ones safe during the ride.
  • Its seat belts provide additional safety for your child.


  • When it comes to playing your favorite music on this electrical car, you’ll have multiple options to choose from.  You can simply attach a USB, or connect a Bluetooth device if you like. Additionally its unique FM Radio option is also there for you to play your child’s favorite radio channels on the go.


  • It only comes in white color, but it’s surely looks the best.


12. Enjoy The Construction Game on Your Transser US Fast Shipment Ride-On Truck:

Construction Game on Your Transser US Fast Shipment Ride-On Truck

  • The Transser Shipment Truck is ideal for the kids who love to play the construction games. So your little boy or girl will surely enjoy pretending to be working with this bulldozer model ride-on truck.


  • Its dual-mode option is easily interchangeable from RC to manual or vice versa at any time.
  • It has got both manual and RC options, so you can either choose to give your kids a fun bulldozer ride to enjoy working with the front shovel or can let them drive and operate the vehicle on their own.
  • It has got 3 speed options; slow, medium and fast.


  • It has got a simple start button and easy to operate accelerator pedals for giving your child the best digger or bulldozer driving fun possible.
  • Its front shovel is also fully functioning and your child can enjoy digging or moving soft soil from place to place.


  • It’s only suitable for the kids who truly enjoy playing bulldozer or digger games.
  • You can easily find any other sports style or jeep design electric car at the same price.

All of these electric cars have got some unique and useful features you’d surely like. Whichever of these you choose to buy for your little ones is surely going to give them the pleasure of riding or driving a car at its best.

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